Blizzard enters the mobile gaming market with a free card game for the iPad

on April 4th, 2014 by erikwestlake | No Comments »

Although Blizzard has not made their presense greatly known in the mobile gaming world, they are looking to do this now. They are honestly trying now with their new release of the iPad game named Hearthstone. They released this game for iPad on April 2nd and is a great game that you have to collect minion and spell cards based off their ever-popular game Warcraft. The game allows you to play both virtual and real opponents as you build your deck and skills as well. They have also enabled a feature that allows you to sync your deck from their desktop version of the game so you do not have to start from the beginning and rebuild your already stellar decks.

Currently the app is available for free download in Canada, Australia and New Zealand with more countries coming in the near future. They have also announced that they will also be releasing this app to the Google Play store for Android users and also enable iPhone and Windows phones to also play this game in the foreseeable future. Though it is not thought that this game will throw Blizzard to the top of the mobile gaming world, they have to begin somewhere. Blizzard is making the right move here with their start in the mobile gaming world.

What are your thoughts about Blizzard’s move or the Hearthstone game in general?


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