Google is looking to make home entertainment easier

on April 6th, 2014 by erikwestlake | No Comments »

While they had an original concept for Google TV, the company has decided that they need to take a brand new approach to their concept. It is claimed that the Android TV system is going to be released with a much more conventional look to the old version. Rather than put their time into developing applications and websites for the sending of the data to the TV sets, they are taking more of a display card approach. This new approach will be centered around ease of use and access to information. The push for information will be set to quick access to content and home screen suggestions. They are also developing it to make it very simple to resume your views where you left off no matter if you were watching it on your TV, Tablet or Phone. There is also a rumor about the accessibility to the system with game pads. This shows that Google may be taking a step into the gaming industry at the same time. There is no mention as to the expected release date yet for this new system, but from what is gathered from around the web and the rumor mills Google has not been fazed by their challenges faced in the past around Google TV.

What are your thoughts on the new Google TV system and their revised look?


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