Facebook decided to throw away the redesign from last year because you have a small screen

on April 2nd, 2014 by erikwestlake | No Comments »

Last spring Facebook put out a brand new design for their site. It was picture heavy making images on your news feed take up more space. The other thing this did was make ads show up bigger to users as well.

Well, No need to worry now. Facebook has thrown out the design changes they made to bring in a much more low-key design to users. They stated that the size of the typical users screen is what played a big role in this change. So what we can take from this is that the size of your display plays a far more important role than many users thought. The issue was when the site was being viewed on devices like ultrabooks and other types of machines with a small display the users may only have a single post displayed on their screen. This means that users had to scroll a lot more than they want to when they are using a track pad. What a pain!

What they have done here is make the display a lot cleaner so you can have a lot better time with your interaction. This change also enables them to show you more ads.

What are your thoughts of the latest redesign by Facebook?


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